We Are your Friend and a Corporate Design Consultancy, Just a Mile* Away from You.

*If you happen to live in Lagos, Nigeria, then we mean that quite literally.

We are called Elinae, pronounced /elina-e/. We are a Corporate Design Consultancy located in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialise in the design of corporate communications and identity programs, signage, internal and promotional publications, and/or visual reports.

We believe that every brand has a unique and defining personality and that the greatest room remains that for improvement.


Corporate Logo Design

Research, Design and Application of logo identity to materials such as advertising, business papers, signage, in-house publications, stationery. Implementation guideline and design consultation is also included.

Corporate Stationery Systems

Design of letterhead, envelope and business card.

Corporate Annual Reports

Research and Design of designated pages of financial as required by pages of text. Up to 3 layouts presentations available.

Corporate Newsletter Design

Research and Design of designated pages of newsletter. Up to 3 layouts presentations
and supervision of photography to be included.

Identity Campaigns

Research and Design of a consistent visual identity to include print and newspaper advertising, security badges, crew IDs, point-of-sale displays merchandising material such as team jackets, T-shirts, caps, souvenir books and posters.

Web Design

Design and development of intuitive, user-centric interfaces that engage, delight and communicate clearly across diverse devices.

Meet the Founder

Daniel Eke - Corporate Designer

The blacksmith’s son, self proclaimed foodie, non-conformist, and brand enthusiast. Daniel Eke lives to create connections between what was and what would be.

Instead of swinging his hammer in his late father’s workshop, he chose to channel his skills and creativity into building brands. Daniel’s father (of blessed memory) was a blacksmith. So were his grandfather and great grand and his other two uncles.
He left his father’s workshop into the design world here his job is to melt down, mold, hammer, and recreate your brands into something beautiful, functional, and strong.
His creative approach and an eye for design must have been part of the particles that followed him from his days beside the forge.

Daniel is the founder of Portfolio Afrik, the platform where he hosts the popular Portfolio Afrik Podcast, that features industry leaders on interviews to help designers build better client-designer relationship.