The objective of a properly executed Corporate Identity is the accurate visual presentation of an organization's unique personality.

Although the client’s initial focus may be on the development of a new “graphic work”, a complex procedure that involves several phases and a wide range of expertise is required in order to furnish a professional level of service.

Our Process

Our typical three-phase program would include:

Phase 1.


This phase is concerned with gathering information and establishing design image criteria. A significant sampling of visual materials is collected and evaluated. Interviews are conducted with the various relevant audiences, and a nomenclature are established.

Phase 2.

Design Development

In this creative phase, design ideas for the logo or other primary identification device are developed. Applications to stationery and signage is also designed in order to demonstrate the specific advantages of each design. Recommendations will also be made regarding colour schemes and secondary typography.

Phase 3.


This phase of the program is unquestionably the most important. Sufficient application formats must be developed in order to demonstrate visually the nature of the corporate identification system. Guidelines, which is usually in the form of graphics standards manual (often referred to as brand bible) will be made available to establish the management-endorsed design policy and implementation procedures.

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