Here’s a list of the top 10 types of advertising and marketing agencies that exist in Nigeria. Is it even worth it, going through the types of agencies? I bet it is.

You wouldn’t take notice of that vulcanizer in your street until you have a flat tire. You wouldn’t care if an electrician shares an apartment with you or not, until there’s an electrical fault in your study room.

When you eventually needs the services of an agency partner for a marketing campaign or a rebranding program, there becomes the need to be able to make an educated decision.

The agencies here are not exhaustive. They were hand picked in no particular other to help make a statement about the topic of discussion – agency types.

Let’s dive in!

#1. Traditional Advertising Agency

Advertising agency is the oldest and most traditional type of marketing company style.

Before the internet was launched in 1996, this type of agencies were the only game in town. They were “The Guy”, when it comes to helping businesses get their products and services in front of their customers.

Through evolution, the larger Nigerian ad agencies have come to offer all types of marketing; with the most common service being media planning and buying services. Many still go as far as offering many other services from branding, to internet marketing.  The most common service from the Nigerian ad agencies remains advertising.

These agencies dominate TV advertising—both creative and media, along with all types of print (magazines, newspapers), radio, outdoor, and Internet. Through our research, we were able to find one very agency that falls into the traditional ad services description. It’s the DDB Lagos, whose site is

They have done works around TV, print, and radio, as can be seen from their list of previous works on advertising. Just like many other Nigeria Ad agencies, they focus on retail clients (business-to-consumer), and also business-to-business clients that need advertising, or have larger marketing budgets.

#2. Branding Agency

These are Agencies that specialize in branding provide a range of services from logos design, to brand name development, graphic identities & signage.  They sometimes refer to themselves as boutique agencies.

We were able to find a boutique agency,, whose work is around fashion and style. They call themselves the “Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Agency”, so if you have work to do around that sphere, then you got yourself an agency to check out.

Our own company, Elinae, falls around this spectrum of a Branding agency. We will be talking more on that later. We also discovered that most branding specialists will conduct market research to support their brand strategies, and may engage in wider services like website design & advertising.

#3. Design or Creative Agency

These are the Design focused shops that describe themselves as creative agencies or studios. Design agencies will often focus their efforts on the creation and design of brand packages, websites, advertising, flyers, brochures and all types of print collateral.

We found out that says they are “…focused on design, consulting, and technology.”. A deeper look into their list of services revealed that they also offer other digital experience, motion graphics and advertising services. This is not uncommon, and should not stop you from checking them out.

#4. Media Buying & Planning Service

Media agencies and buying services in Nigeria often specialize in strategy, research, planning, buying, execution and placement of all types of media including TV, print or newspaper, radio, billboards or outdoor, and online & digital.

The larger media agencies provide an integral service to large advertisers due to their ability to negotiate and leverage and multi-media networks. One agency we found to fit this scope is Like many of Nigeria’s advertising & marketing agencies, media agencies will also offer other types of marketing.

Limelight Media has products and services covering planning, buying, strategy and even digital marketing.

#5. Promotional

Nigeria has several promotional type agencies that specialize in working with retail and package-goods clients for promotional campaigns that include advertising, coupons, contests, loyalty programs, merchandising displays, & promotional displays.

Isichei Quality Products Marketing Company (IQPMC) is one of the ones we came across during the research and according to them, they are a “marketing and sales promotion agency that provides brand promotional services as well as corporate services.”. As I at the time of this writing, their website was not reachable but here’s the link,

You can also get information about them from one of the business directories where they are listed.

#6. PR or Public Relations Agency

Public relations, media relations, investor relations, and crisis communications are just some of the common services provided by Nigeria PR Agencies. Other services include, news announcements, content creation and placement, and press conferences or events.

Some Winnipeg PR firms also offer event marketing and will assist clients with new product launches, web development & social media. While some have infusion of other services such as marketing and branding, we were able to find one that does just Public Relations. “Media Panache is a digital driven public relations agency in Lagos Nigeria.”, as we found, and their site is

#7. Marketing Agency

Originally, the main difference between a traditional Advertising Agency and a Marketing Agency is the volume of services they will offer. Traditionally, Advertising Agencies have their focus on creating and executing advertising campaigns and while some have diversified and now offer many other services, marketing agencies generally do it all.

Most of Nigeria’s Marketing Agencies will refer to themselves as full-service agencies and provide advertising, PR, strategy and planning, digital, branding, photography, video, and other types of marketing. One we discovered is Media Range Ltd.

It “is a rapidly expanding brand management and marketing communications company headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.”. There site is

#8. Digital Agency

Wow! That’s what I have to say here as we discovered a larger number of the firms to be a Digital Agency. It’s not a surprise though. The emergence of digital as an essential part of the marketing mix has made Internet marketing, social media, e-commerce, content marketing and related, the fastest-growing agency types in Nigeria.

All agencies in this category will design websites, social media networks, manage blogs, and more. A lot of them also do branding and market research. Further segmentation of this category occurs with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies or consultants, Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and application development (Apps).

Most times, there’s no thin line separating them, as many offer combinations of these services, depending on their capacity. You will find a quite lot of agencies here, such as, and

#9. Social Media Agency

Nigeria has quite a number of agencies paying special interest in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, & Instagram. They specialize in creating and managing a brands on social media networks in addition to profile design, will also manage blogs & create interesting and engaging content including info-graphs & videos.

One we found through Google My Business listing, Netpreneur, left us disappointed as we couldn’t access their site, as it was said not to be available. We’ll update this as soon as we have a list of some websites.

#10. Direct Marketing Agency

Direct marketing agencies are experts in direct mail, but also utilize email marketing, Internet marketing, customer databases, analytics and more. Nigeria has a hand full of them too. One very one is Luzomedia, and “provides direct marketing services, outdoor marketing and advertisement services.”

Another one is ShortMagicServices which can be located at

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