The usual, everyday expectation of a business owner is, “I will get a website, to showcase our amazing service, great value for fair price and reasons we are far better than our competitors, and leads will be chasing after us”.

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Now your website has been up for a while, but it doesn’t seem to be generating the leads as much as you want it to (or even any at all). Why aren’t people all over you, begging you with their money?

Well, it may be for a couple of reasons.

Many things do go into successfully building a lead generating website. This may include design, copy, ease of use, copy and of course source of traffic.

While every business is unique, your website is not generating leads because of any or a combination of the following reasons.

6 Reasons Your Website Is Not Generating Leads

#1 You Can’t Be Found

Let’s be frank as friends! People can’t pay you a visit if they don’t know the way to your place, or even a way to get to contact you, so they could visit. If people are not visiting your website, it’s then because they can’t find your website where they are searching (search engines).

It’s not because search engines are too heartless to notice you, or that your competitions have given a “shoot at sight” order on your website to keep it off search engine results.

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While being on search results is one thing, and being on the first page is a different case all together, I want you to know that if your website is not showing up on page 1 of Google or at worst 2, you should consider it that the site is not being found.

91% of search traffic goes to page 1 alone, that means only 9% is shared by other sites from page 2 downwards.

That being said, here are some likely reasons why you can’t be found:

  • Your website is not well optimized using the best practices.
  • You’re not targeting the right audience or you are not targeting any audience at all.
  • Your website is using keywords that are either lacking or incorrect for your goals, or it may not be intentionally using any keyword at all.
  • Your website is not providing updated, valuable content on an ongoing basis, to get visitors’ and search engines’ attention, and improve your rankings.

This is How to be Found Online

If you want to be found online, you would want to first define what you want to be found for. In other words, develop your business goals.

After that, you decide on who you want to find you by strategically developing your audience profile.

There this audience profile I find very inspiring and I want you to look at it. It’s put together by the team at but I discovered it at Content Marketing Institute. 

audience profile example

To help you with creating the right target audience who you can target with the keywords you will develop, you can use this template made available by Hubspot.

template for buyer persona


This Hubspot Persona Template has been quite helpful to a few people I’ve interacted with, when it comes to developing a buyer persona.

I do hope it helps you too.

The next great step would be to put together, the list of words the audience are likely to type into search engines, any time they want to look for companies like yours. So you should develop a keyword strategy. Make a list of the key phrases people type in when they search for your products and services as that is what you should be found for.

In addition, there are some technical steps you need to take to make sure search engines can find your site and index it properly. Some of these steps include:

  • Submitting your website sitemap to search engines
  • Adding Meta titles and descriptionsusing best practices
  • Ensuring that your text and photo content reflects the page titles and tags that are submitted to Google. This means the image user are using on your pages should relate to the keywords you are trying to target on the page.
  • Having a mobile responsive site. You don’t want people to access a website designed for the desktop computer with their smart phones.

If you are new to search engine optimization and would love to know the basics, check out SEO Moz’ Beginner’s Guide to SEO

#2 Your Website Gives A Bad First Impression

People finally finds your website and clicks the link to come visit you. This is worth a celebration. “Welfare officer, what do you think of a business party?”. Let’s party!

party celebration

But hang on!

Let’s not forget that these visitors are just that and nothing more. They are visitors, not leads yet.  These are people with different expectations for what a website should look like today.

If you think the modern day consumer doesn’t know quality when she/he sees one, think again. They are educated (formally or informally). They are highly aware of their environments, and don’t forget… They also know of your competitions.

So if your website does not meet or exceed those expectations, those users will exit as quickly as they entered. They are just a click away to your next competitor.

Here are some ways that your website may be leaving a bad impression:

  • The website design looks underwhelming or outdated. If you’ve not done any real work on your website for 2 years and above, then you are here.
  • The website design looks overwhelming or confusing. Too much is not very much. You can’t convince them by confusing them.
  • Your product or services are not clear on the homepage. How come you care so much about your sitting room but when it comes to your website homepage, you let anything to come and go out?
  • You use poor generic and freely available photos instead of professional picture images that align with your company personality. Some of the most popular photos seen on business service websites are those of a white lady with a mic, and two gentlemen (a white guy and a black guy) shaking hands. That’s bad!
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Instead of enduring with any or all of the above while your business is suffering, you should get professional web design services that can leave you with a great first impression, any day, any time. If you are ready to consider a website redesign now, call our phone 08126569950 or contact us online.

#3 No Calls to Action

Call to Action is just that. You are calling on people to take a particular action that will lead them to the next stage. But a lot of people don’t do this. That’s sad enough.

People eventually comes to your page and read the copy. Then what? Don’t leave me hanging!

Many business owners leave their website visitors frustrated, confused and disappointed at the same time. And it’s simply one of the reasons they are not generating leads.

If you don’t want people to take any action on your website, then there’s no point inviting them in the first place.

They won’t stick around unless you give them a good reason to do so.

Are you having trouble deciding what the right call to action should be? Check out these two examples.

call to action by lyft

Lyft did a pretty good job here with the prominent call to action. As far as they’ve done a good job of bringing the right audience to the sight, the person won’t waste time than to sign up. Because yes, he/she likely wants to be his/her own boss.

call to action example

Netflix knows what their customers want. The want to see what’s next, and what’s next and what’s next. And Netflix doesn’t want these precious customers who have spent time to visit their site to wander around. So what should they do? You guessed right. Join Free for a Month!

Be direct on what you want people to do when they visit your site. Don’t expect they know what to do. Tell them. Tell them to “Book a Consultation” if you want them get on a discovery call with you. Don’t forget to tell them that it is a free consultation session if it actually is.

If you are trying to attract more email newsletter subscribers, “Subscribe Now” is your best bet.

Let the call to action be somewhere around the top of the page.

While a call to action can be a button with a bold colours or an interactive form, the best practice remains that it is prominent and easy to follow, if you want to generate leads.

#4 Complicated landing pages and contact forms

Landing pages are special pages design for just one objective in mind. In this case, we are reading to a page that will get people to give away their emails and/or other contact details.

good landing page by mailchimp

If you want some inspirations on what a good landing page should look like, Mailchimp got some beautiful pieces to inspire even Michael Angelo. They may not be your best bet for email marketing, but I like their messaging. They are direct. Clear and concise. And not shameful. And most of all, humorous.

A good rule of thumb is not to leave people confused. Don’t leave them to figure out where next to go to or the next action to take. That is why a landing page should be rid of all links that could be a distraction to the visitor.

Remove all links and let filling the contact form be the only thing users have in mind.

The contact form on its own should not become a marriage certificate. Ask for only few and most relevant details from the visitor. Email, First Name and may Phone Number or Website is a good place to start from.

Except what you are giving in return is utterly valuable, don’t go asking the user to fill in too much information or you risk losing him.

If the contact form can’t be filled in for whatever reason (no matter how flimsy), it won’t generate the leads that you want.

In all, keep lead generating pages simple and make sure they work every time someone clicks it.

#5 Poor navigation/structure

You will want your visitors to have access to key information on your site. And a poor layout is nothing but a distraction and a waste of a chance to convert a visitor to a lead.

I always like using the analogy of your homepage being your sitting room and your service or pages and others being your rooms. Just as we could have visitor’s room, children’s room and even master’s bedroom, some pages would be for some key services while others will be best for other information.

Link to some of your services from your homepage.

link to your other pages from homepage

How we linked our own service pages from the home page.

Your About Us page can never be and should not be turned to a service page. But I still see a lot of websites where this is not the case. For the sake of privacy, let me spare sharing a screen shot of some sites that are 200% guilty of this crime.

While it remains a matter of choice to have a page that houses all your services, often referred to as the services page, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that each service should have a page on its own.

Let’s take the case of a law firm that specializes in commercial law, intellectual property law and family law. Commercial law should have a page on its own, with a well produced copy that has the target audience in mind. There should be a page for Intellectual Property and one for Family law.

All these pages should be search engine optimized for search keywords as “commercial law firm [location]”, “[area] intellectual property lawyer”, as the case may be.

If you don’t know what search engine optimisation is, you may find this article on search engine marketing useful.

At the end, remember to include a call to action. If you want them to call you, say it. If you want them to email you, tell them so, and provide the “how to”.

These service pages and other important ones should be accessible from the Navigation menu.

Numerous eye tracking studies have shown a tendency to scan a web page instead of reading every letter.

If these areas don’t contain the call to action and other important details, you may lose the reader’s attention—not to mention a valuable lead.

Place your headline at the top with a call to action

Place your headline at the top with a call to action or form on the right, and then break up other information into sub-headers or bullet points so it’s easy to scan. This follows most people’s scanning habits and makes lead-generating elements hard to miss.

#6 Poor or Insufficient Content

Few seconds, that’s all you have to convert a site visitor into a customer or maybe a lead. And you have less time to make a good impression. Remember – first impression is expensive.

If the website content falls short of expectations of the visitors, they won’t feel like it was targeted to them. Google won’t even smile at you.

search engines won't smile at you

“Copy copy uncle…”, that’s what many businesses turn themselves into when it comes to their web content. A client once gave me a list of his competitions to copy contents from, instead of investing in a good website copywriting. I consumed almost a crate of energy drink to regain the energy I lost trying to convince him not to take the path. (Just kidding)

You didn’t copy your company profile. Why should you copy your website content?

Even at that, your website is not your company brochure. While it should have some relevant informations about your company, the content remains the property of the visitors and theirs alone. Make it about them.

Whether in page copies or your blog post contents, don’t let poorly written content drive away your most valuable leads.

Did I just say “Blog”? Yes.

I did. If you are one of those companies whose websites don’t have a blog dedicated to it, you should leave everything right where they are, make a call for a blog to be setup for your firm, then come back and finish up this article.

blogging quotes

I know starting is hard, but just in case you don’t know, small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those without and websites with blog content have 434% more search engine-indexed web pages.

Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those without and websites with blog content have 434% more search engine-indexed web pages.

And since we are discussing how to generate leads, it’s good you know that publishing 16 blog posts a month will garner you about 3.5 times more business.

With great content that resonates with people, they will feel more engaged with company and as a result, be more likely to want to learn more.

If lead generation is one of your marketing goals, it can be frustrating when you don’t get the results you want. But if your site has any of the issues above, it may be an easy fix.

Call 08126569950 or contact us online to learn how you can turn your website to a lead generation machine that will keep working for you even while your sales people are asleep.