Curios to Know What Mistakes To Avoid When Using Facebook Ad To Generate Real Estate Leads and Appointments?

First, Facebook ads for realtors work. And there are some obvious reasons for that. A lot of real estate buyers start their search for a realtor from online. A larger population of them spend time on Facebook. And though they are not on Facebook to buy or sell a property, they can be reached effortlessly through the different targeting options that Facebook has to itself.

But it appears Facebook ads favour only a select few while it leaves a greater majority of realtors wondering if “this thing really works?”

Maybe you ask this question too, having tried Facebook ads for real estate lead generation a few times and got burnt many times.

You can get things right on your next campaign. And here are some common mistakes to watch out for, to make sure that you get those leads and appointments you’ve ever wanted, and get to help more people with shelters.

These Are The Facebook Ads Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1: Not Targeting the Right Audience

Facebook allows you to choose groups of people you want to show your ads to while they spend time on social networks and other places on the web.

But this doesn’t mean you can run your ads to everyone and expect to see definite results.

As such, each ad campaign should target an audience that has similarity of interests, fields of study, demographics, and behaviors.

If you choose the wrong groups of people, you won’t end up with as many conversions as you would if you selected the groups of people who are interested in buying or selling a property.

For instance, a facebook ad promoting available lands for sale will highly not likely resonate with someone that wants to buy a home.

To avoid this mistake, know your audience. Come up with a buyer persona and be as detailed as possible.

As you target your Facebook Ads, look back to your buyer persona and choose the interests, demographics, and behaviors that fit into it.

#2: Ignoring Custom Audiences

It’s no longer news that buyers of real estate spend a good time on Facebook. But what many realtors don’t understand is that no one goes to facebook to buy a home or a land.

People go to Facebook to spend time with friends and have fun. So if you are not building fun into your marketing campaigns, you may not be able to see any results at all.

And that’s where custom audiences come in. Custom audience is one of the tools provided by Facebook to allow advertisers to show their lead generation ads to people that have earlier indicated interest.

Facebook’s intelligent advertising platform allows you to reach many different audiences, including those who have been to your website before, have watched your video to a certain duration or have purchased from you in the past.

These people are warm leads and may just need a reminder to come back to you.

Creating a re-marketing campaign, you can send specific ads to different groups of people.

For instance, if you want to market some plots of land in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, you can create an article and publish it on your website, or create a 30 – 2 minutes video to educate people in particular location on land buying best practices.

After that, you will target everyone that read that blog article or watched the video with an ad where you can ask for their email address and phone number.

You can also target past customers by uploading their email addresses to Facebook, and then they will see your ad with a special offer.

Even people who visit one of your landing pages can be targeted, so you can show them again why your certain houses, lands or investment plans are the best.

#3: Forgetting to Exclude Other Realtors

Showing the same ad to your competition is a total waste of money. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that realtors make all the time.

At the end of the day, people that will engage with your ads are no other than other realtors like you. Your competitors, who need same real estate leads as you do, if not more than.

So will they drop their email address and phone number? Very likely. Some will do it just to “test”, others will do it to waste your time and money.

Will they show up for an appointment? Zero chance!

Save your money from your ad by excluding realtors and everyone that works in the real estate from your audience.

Some words to exclude may include: realtors, real estate agents, real estate brokers, real estate consultant, employers of real estate agencies, etc.

This will guarantee that you’re not wasting time showing your ad to people who won’t even near your office let alone coming for an inspection.

#4: Designing an Ineffective Ad

Another importance of knowing your audience as we said you should above is that you will begin to understand what they like best in ads.

You can do this by testing different types of ads (image, text, slideshow, carousel, video, etc.), and then analyze which ones perform the best.

Once you know which ones perform the best, always remember that less is more with ads.

You don’t want too much text because people are scrolling their feed, which means you only have a split second to catch them.

The recommended text to image percentage ratio is 20:80. So your texts should be as minimal as possible.

Also, the image in your ad has to be striking and send an immediate message. It should be related to the product you are promoting or what your offer is about.

I’ve been asked whether one can use stock photos. Yes you can, as far as they are of high quality and are related to the offer you are promoting.

If you are promoting a property beside a beach for instance, it will be a bad step to use a photo of a property standing somewhere at the centre of a city.

Make your ad as effective as you want your results to be.

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#5. Changing Everything too Quickly

I always tell realtors that the best time to invest heavily on lead generation campaigns is that very moment you need the leads.

If you are not engaging in lead generating activity when you have enough customers to attend to, you will soon run out of business. And when that happens, desperation sets in.

In Facebook ads campaigns to generate real estate leads, patience is a virtue, and if you change your ad too frequently, it might not even be making it to the people you’re trying to reach.

If you’re watching your campaign and it hasn’t done anything since you changed it five hours ago, it’s not necessarily because the campaign is failing. Let that pot boil without watching it.

People constantly adjust their ads when they desperately want to see results. But don’t do that, you are hurting yourself.

Leave 24 to 48 hours for Facebook optimize an ad after it’s been edited. It takes some good time for your changes to take effect, and if you’re constantly adjusting, you might be hobbling yourself.

#6. Setting and Forgetting – Forever

With the robust set of automation tools Facebook has, it can be tempting, once you’ve done the initial legwork, to just sit back and let the campaign run itself while you worry about other aspects of your business.

But. Don’t.

Monitoring your campaign is key to ensuring its success. Note that monitoring your campaign is not the same as changing the setup like we just discussed above.

How often is it being seen? How often is it converting? Which ad set is performing better? Has there been a decline in engagement since the ad was launched? (indicating ad fatigue, where people become tired of seeing your ad.

With a good monitoring, you will be able to swap ad images and tweak the copy.

#7. Pausing the Ad Every Now and Then

When the top performing realtors run ads, they run it 24/7.  They  run Facebook ads around the clock … yes, even when they’re sleeping.

A lot of people don’t like to do this because they’ve been told to only run Facebook ads during business hours or maybe just an hour or two before opening and after closing.

This way there will always be someone available to answer the phone when those new leads call.

But I’ve noticed that leads roll in at a much lower cost on nights and weekends. You know why?

People are following that advice — fewer active campaigns means less competition to get in front of your potential new buyers/sellers.

It’s also when people are most likely to be on social media as they unwind after work.

And because yours was likely one of the only real estate ads they saw that Tuesday night or Sunday morning, there’s also less competition to get them booked for an appointment and get them through your door.

[BONUS] Not Following Up

Don’t let anyone sell you the lies that all the leads you get from your facebook ads campaign will become customers. It’s not true!

There’s high chance they will convert eventually, but not just right now. Hence, only less than 5 percent of the entire people that give you their email address and phone numbers through a lead generation campaign will be ready to do business at the time.

So what do you do?

You have to have a followup system. Setup a database with email service providers such as Mailchimp and Active Campaign and deliver relevant content to nurture those who aren’t ready to buy just yet.

Research has proven that messages deliver through Facebook messenger has 80% open rate more than emails. So investing on a messenger bot system for automated followup is also a good decision that you can make today.

In Conclusion

The essence of making mistakes as above public is to help them who are victims not to go the path again, enlighten those yet to take the path on what lies ahead, and get you equipped for greater success.

At the end…

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

The best way to avoid the above mistakes and the inherent cost is to get ask for help when you can. That’s the surest way to save you money and time, and get you only those serious leads that will show up for site inspection.

To get you started with generating real estate leads and getting you more appointments, send me a message now.