Sick of Begging Friends and Family For Business?

Put your real estate lead generation on autopilot.


Join other other real estate professionals like yourself to consistently get business, as much as you want.

Generate Leads

Take an unfair advantage over your competitors! Show your listing ads where people already spend time – Facebook, Google, Instagram – and generate motivated leads. You will have access to 100s of inexpensive quality leads like clockwork!

Build Your Database

Finally, you will get a database of motivated buyers and sellers, all to yourself. Messenger has an 80-90+% open rate over email and phone’s 20% open/answer rate. This is key because you will be able to build a database where 4 times more people will be seeing and consuming your content, meaning you build better relationships with a smaller database that turn into more closings for far less marketing dollars.

Qualify Your Leads

You need buyer and seller leads and more appointments with the right people, but you don’t just have the time to do all the hard work. Our system will direct your leads to a buyer or seller question flow, kind of like an automated consultation, to see exactly what they are looking for. Their details and contact info will be captured and you will receive alert automatically when you have a new HOT lead. No more wasting time with those leads that just aren’t ready to buy or sell yet.

Follow Up Like A Pro

Don’t let anyone sell you the lie that all leads will convert the first time. At the centre of our real estate marketing program is an automated follow up designed with you in mind! After the initial “qualification follow up” to make sure hot leads don’t slip through your fingers, your leads will be subscribed to an 8 week (8×8) sequence to build a relationship. We send them valuable contents every week, and get lure them to an inspection through soft selling. The database will finally be touched with monthly market updates and available listings, indefinitely… bringing you a steady and constant flow of closings through any economy and market.

We Bring You Clients, You Close Them

  • All leads are exclusively yours!

No one else gets them. No more tossed around leads everyone has called. And you will be in total control to get leads in a consistent and predictable way.

  • Spend time with only the leads that are ready!

The little time you have at hand is not enough to be gambled on leads that you are not sure whether they are ready to make a decision or not. That’s why we first put them in a database, and screen and scrub them with drip messages to pre-qualify them and get them to the YES.

  • You Will Have No Loose Ends!

You don’t have to worry about those who are not ready now. They will be followed up with valuable contents that not only nurture them to buying mood but identify you as the local real estate expert. They will forever remain remorseful to not buy or list with you. And another news is that everything is automated!

Ready for a Better Way to Attract Clients and Run your Business?