Stop Buying Leads That Suck!

Produce consistent quality leads, build long-term referral relationship, and reap the value for your money and effort.


We Connect Mortgage Professionals with More Homebuyers

Lead Generation

Connect with targeted homebuyers in your chosen area and capture their contact information so you don’t have to watch over your phone hoping the would call. Get in front of buyers searching but yet to be pre-approved and those ready to buy within the next 6 months.

Build a Database

Begging friends and family for business, and taking every realtor to launch, with hopes they will send business your way is good but not a predictable way of building your career as a loan officer or mortgage broker. The only alternative is to build a database where you can build relationships with interested borrowers for future business.

Lead Qualification

Not all leads are created equal! With the help of our automated system, direct leads to a pre-qualification question flow, a kind of automated consultation, to see exactly what stage they are. Their detail and info will be captured and you will receive alert automatically when you have a new HOT lead. Now you can have conversations with only interested borrowers.

Lead Followup

Don’t loose those leads that are not yet ready to do business. The only way to do this is to systematically be in touch and remain top of mind. The right message, the right time, at the right place will leave you as the go-to person for financing or refinancing.

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We Bring You Clients, You Close Them

  • All leads are exclusively yours!

No one else gets them. No more tossed around buyer leads everyone has called. And you will be in total control to get leads in a consistent and predictable way.

  • Go into conversations with only leads that are ready!

The little time you have at hand is not enough to be gambled on leads that you are not sure whether they are ready to make a decision or not. That’s why we first put them in a database, and screen and scrub them with drip messages to pre-qualify them and get them to the YES.

  • You will have no loose ends!

You don’t have to worry about those who are not ready now. They will be followed up with valuable contents that not only nurture them to buying mood but identify you as the go-to loan officer or mortgage broker. This is all automated and done for you!

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