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Did you know that 71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand they have followed via social media? If you’re company isn’t active on social media, you are missing out on a market of 2.5 Billion users globally.


To help get you results, we utilize the best social media strategies to drive users to your pages. We deploy a combination of strategies that span across several social networks to maximize your brand exposure and increase engagement.


We share your content on well targeted social media channels where your audience already spend their time, while making sure to curate content specific to each network. We identify what media works best on each network and then work on creating an integrated social media strategy to help boost your search ranks.


Your social network must be ever expanding. Elinae continually builds and optimizes your social media pages to help grow your followers and brand exposure and make you the OBVIOUS CHOICE in your market.

Building Relationships

The whole rationale of social networks is to network with potential customers. You need to build a relationship with your followers so that you can have meaningful engagements with them. People don’t go to social media to consult with a Doctor or discuss a legal issue with a Lawyer, neither to discuss tax & audit matters. We focus on developing strategies that help you portray your brand identity to the right follower base and create strong relationships with them through helpful contents that entertain, educate and inform. Social media has become one of the strongest outreach platforms for you as a company to engage with your fans or followers.

Why partner with a social media management agency?

If you’re researching social media marketing services, as well as agencies, you have plenty of compelling reasons to partner with a social media management company. They provide your business and team with dozens of advantages, which can make or break your campaign.

For instance, here are top 5 reasons why you should use a social media management agency:

  • Get industry-leading expertise

  • Improve time management

  • Maximize in-house resources

  • Access advanced marketing strategy

  • Increase social media marketing ROI

And why invest in professional social media services?

It’s been a challenge, to persuade company decision-makers to invest in a social media marketing and advertising campaign. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the five most compelling reasons to invest in social media.


Billions of people already spend their time on social media on daily basis. Facebook alone boasts more than one billion daily users, demonstrating the critical (and powerful) role of social media in a person’s day-to-day life and in business. If you aren’t on social media, you’re missing out on a valuable channel for connecting with your target market.


When it comes to building brand awareness in an efficient yet cost-effective way, Social media is an excellent channel. It’s also a juicy place to be as it is a critical part of the buying journey. With ads, as well as organic posts, you can establish a relationship with new and current followers, which can eventually move them to purchase your product or service.


When users follow a brand on social media, it means they are loyal to it. This is significant, demonstrating the value of a social media presence for businesses. With an active social media account, you not only get to interact with shoppers but also maximize their loyalty to your company. This is an effective way to increase word of mouth.


With social media, your business can also motivate followers to purchase from your company again. Posts about service updates, limited-time promotions, and more can drive users to buy from your business and even share your product or services with friends and family on the platform.


Social media is very useful for service companies as it’s effective in generating leads. In fact, more than 40 percent of B2B marketers have earned clients through Facebook, emphasizing the versatility of social media networks. Many B2B businesses overlook the value of social media, however, making it an opportunity for yours.

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