professional service website

Do you want to know what Google thinks about your professional service website or what field they believe you are in?

We have found a very interesting and easy solution to finding that out what google currently thinks of professional service firm, through your site. In fact, the first time I tried it, I almost shed tears.


I got no result. The search result I got was ” Your search – – did not match any documents. “

They went ahead to make suggestions on what I should do.

professional service website

That was the first result I got above.

But I went ahead to using the same method I will be teaching you now on some other websites. And I got results as expected.

I tried the method on an industry related website such as Hinge and I got this result.

“No”. I told myself. “This google was be favouring his fellow white guys”. I decided to tried a local site, still related to my industry.

I went ahead to try the method on Ziza Digital because she is partly targeting the same audience I am focused on; professional services. I got no results. What I saw was exactly like what I got on mine as above.

“This is getting very interesting”, I told myself.

I decided to try another local site. So I punched in the url of Cregital Digital Agency and I got this result.

“This means a lot. There’s hope.”, I told myself.

I went ahead to bench mark the results, study them to find out the “why” behind the contradictions.

I already have the solutions and I will teach you what Iearnt, but before then, let me show you how to check for yourself, what google thinks of your professional service firm, through your site.

Follow these steps:

  1. From your laptop or phone, open your browser and type in and on the page that displays is a search bar.
  2. Click in that search bar and type in “”(obviously you’d want to replace with the actual domain of your website).
  3. Hit ENTER to load the query.

This is when the magic happens. What you will get when you hit search is a list of websites that Google believes are related to your industry. Ideally you are hoping that a list of your competitors come up and other sites that are within the same industry as you.

The ideal result should look like what we have on the image below.

professional service website

You may wonder why this is of any importance at all. If you are serious about having high rankings for search terms in your line of business, you will want to make sure that Google fully understands what type of business you are in and that they place you among those type of businesses.

Where or how does Google decide what websites are related? By actually looking at the content of your website as well as where you are receiving links from. If you have several links coming from highly relevant websites in your industry Google will put your listings among those companies. If your website is lacking in quality content, then Google may have a hard time knowing where to place your business and as a result your rankings will suffer.

What if you don’t see results, just like the first image above?

Good question. If you don’t get results and you were told what I was told the first time, it is sad then.

But don’t worry. At least you now know the state of things. What “no results” definitely means is that you have a lot of work to do to help google file your site in the right shelf.

My Recommendations

  1. Submit your website to necessary search engines.
  2. Fix metadata on all pages in your site.
  3. Invest time on on-page SEO.
  4. Invest time and other resources on off-page SEO.
  5. Do all you can to build quality links from related sites.
  6. Create very quality content with well researched keywords. (very very important). Add inbound and outbound links where necessary.
  7. Do every other thing you think will help google make a positive decision on your site.

Must you do all of these on your own?

No. Not at all. Seek help if you don’t have the requisite skills or time. Find good guys to help you with Optimised site design, SEO, Content, and the necessary strategy.

If you need help, I am just a CLICK away.

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